from brochure to online booking

20 Years Experience

20? Yes, 20. Our first website was hand coded via HTML and uploaded via dial up. We have been around the block and back again. We continuously learn and adapt to stay current – ultimately delivering you more business.

We’ve also been involved in the Tourism industry since the late 1970’s, when our family opened Holwell’s Crafts in Twillingate. First of it’s kind in the area, and one of the earlier stores of its kind in the province. Tourism is in our blood and runs deep in our soul.

We know the market and we get results.

Website Design

To enjoy the full potential of your Website, establishing the right strategy is crucial. Your website is not only a showcase for your business, it becomes a powerful tool to build a strong reputation and increase your sales.

Print Graphics

Whether launching your brand, a new product, improving your branding or reaching out to a new demographic, Red Dory has solutions for you. Creating a powerful brand with an innovative design will not only give you a strong image, but it can also ensure your potential customers will come back and continue to create strong referrals.

Content Creation

We create content that your end customers will use. Keeping them coming back and converting them into paying customers.

Mobile Development

Mobile devices are quickly becoming more and more commonplace, replacing the traditional laptop or desktop. Does your website display well on all mobile devices? If not, you’re losing business. We produce results that work perfectly across all mobile platforms. We also work producing unique mobile apps to promote your content.


If you are a business owner looking to sell products online, we can help you. We are proud to offer full-service development and design of your e-commerce Website. Whether you’re setting up a store for the first time or migrating from another platform.

Search Engine Optimization

Will customers find your business in Google? When it comes to organic listings, 53 percent go to the top result. The second sees 15 percent of the action, the third 9 percent, the fourth 6 percent, dwindling all the way down to 4 percent to round out the top 5. If you’re not ranking then you’re losing business.

Domain Names & Web Hosting

For years, we have proudly offer one the best web hosting services and support available. From small blogs to full blown e-commerce, Red Dory has a reliable hosting plan that is right for you.

Social Media

These days, there is an impressive number of social media networks, and they are not all necessarily useful for your business. Choose a limited number of social media where you can easily maintain a professional image and content, and above all, where you can be active.

Online Bookings

Online Bookings equal more business. Period. Customers are out there 24 hours a day, researching from time zones all around the world. If you can’t accept an order or booking instantly, your business is missing out.